Good sex life for exceptional health - Learn how you can better your sex life

What do I need to know if I'm thinking about becoming sexually active? Young people have to make many decisions about their sexuality, including abstaining from sex or to become or remain active sexually. Other things of sexuality on which teens need to make decisions about sex are your partner, type of contraception, and the intensity of the relationship. You should never let others pressure you to have sex if you do not want. The decision on when to have sex, first time and every time after the first time, is only yours! Remember that it is entirely appropriate not having sex yet. You are young and there are risks such as STDs and pregnancy. Many young people simply do not want or have to deal with the possibility of acquiring an STD or pregnancy, and so decide to wait. Before you decide to have a sexual relationship, talk with your partner about whether this is the right decision for you. Ask him about his sexual history, including whether he or she has been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Discuss whether you or your partner have been or will be sexually involved with other couples. Remember, the risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease or a virus that can cause cancer or AIDS is increased if you or your partner has sex with other people. The more sexual partners, the risk is higher. The only way to completely prevent acquiring a sexually transmitted disease is to not have sex. If you decide to have sex, the best way to avoid getting a sexually transmitted disease it is to have sex only with a person who has never been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. If you are involved in a heterosexual relationship (sales with a man), talk to him about birth control (latex condoms, birth control pills, hormone injections) and what they will do if they fail. If you feel you cannot talk about these issues with your partner, then you should think again if you should be sexually involved with him.

Important tips for a satisfying sex life

Sexuality is an important part of the lives of people; therefore it is important to spend time, imagination and placidity, that is satisfactory to each of the individuals, in order to create a personal and social balance. There are actions that let you enjoy a more fulfilling sex life, taking care of and respecting the desires of the couple. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits: try not to smoke or drink alcohol; in any case, do it in moderation. Similarly, do not use drugs because they affect your sexual performance, despite what they say some psychotropic substances. Rest is essential for sex. The wee hours, after heavy dinners and after drinking alcohol generously, are not the best time to celebrate a sexual encounter. Cause anxiety and multiple sexual disorders, couple and family. If you have difficulties you do not self-examine. In any case, your doctor can also guide. When you live with a partner, it is not easy to separate sexual issues affective. You must find the balance point in privacy and build a good and close daily relationship. Maintain interest, use your imagination, ask what you like and share what pleases you, it is essential in any relationship. Take the initiative and be active in the intimate game. In an interview, clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, David Barrios, you explained that the fundamental to have a satisfying sex life variable is good information. The expert adds that the very young people (between 15 and 19 years of age) does not have the correct data and can live the relationship with fear, anxiety and risks, such as pregnancy.

Important Exercises to improve your sex life

According to Rich Weil, manager of the Research Center on Obesity in New York, "sex involving various muscles is required, and if you exercise, you will have better performance." The good news is that you do not need to kill you, suffice 3 to 5 workouts 30 minutes a week. The best exercises to improve your sex life are: They are the perfect exercise: although mainly work the chest and triceps, also involve other muscles, says Jessica Bottesch coach. Because invigorates the entire body, this exercise improves your strength, which you will perform better during sex. The specialist recommends performs 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. The abdominal muscles are used during sexual activity," says Weil coach. Strengthen your abs will give you a better push during penetration, as well as giving greater stability to practice different positions. According to Michael Clark, director of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, hip lifts strengthen the pelvic muscles, which intensify the orgasmic contractions. In addition, this exercise will give you more flexibility in the back, which would improve penetration. Also you strengthen your glutes, the lower back and the back of the thighs. To perform them, lie down, bend your legs and place the heels near the buttocks, rose hip and hold it for 3 seconds, then lower it and repeat. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions. With this you strengthen the lateral muscles of the abdomen and the central area of the body. According to Weil coach, "this exercise will give you much strength and flexibility, which will give greater thrust upon penetrate and hold for more hours of sex." Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions on each side. Apart from the specific exercises that we have mentioned, we also recommend activities such as yoga, belly dancing, dancing or martial arts, which are of great help to tone all the muscles of the body. Some muscles in good shape improve the sensations of pleasure, not to mention all that give you energy. Remember the most important to strengthen sex: your imagination.

Tips to improve your sexual performance

A close relationship with the appearance of youth and longevity has to do with an active sex life as the most sexually active people tend to exercise more and take better eating habits than those with less activity. Sex has been and will remain a taboo in our culture unless we start to take action in our relationships and talk openly about it. Where to begin? One of the most important factors has to do with communication and confidence to discuss this issue with your partner and focus in terms of two and not only one. According to one of the largest studies conducted in 2006 through telephone surveys of more than 12,500 men and women over 25 we find interesting facts about how satisfied people are about their sex life. Only 50% of men and women are very satisfied with their sex life. 90% of men agree that security in their sexual ability is important time to have a stable emotional relationship. One third of respondents reported having less sex than you see fit. Less than 2/3 of respondents expressed men be able to have and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual performance. Almost all agree, both men and women the importance of satisfying your partner during sex. Below we have listed a number of tips that will help your sex life. So many libido booster pills are available in online marketplace.

Goof Food for better sex life and erection

The lack of sexual appetite can make you believe that this is the beginning of the problems a couple, but lack of courage and excitement along with moodiness, might not be because they no longer love to your partner, perhaps the problem is more beyond the emotional. Poor diet not only affects us in physical and mental way, it can also be damaging our married life, preventing us from enjoying a pleasurable sexual activity. To accompany your physical activity with good nutrition, there are some foods that increase blood flow thus improves erection. Garlic and onions are very good for circulation but may be not very good for your breath. Omega-3s found in salmon and tuna, like avocado and olive oil, help the blood flow. Vitamin B1 found in peanuts, walnuts, almonds and certain grains like beans helps improve signal transmission in the nervous system so it would improve communication between the brain and penis. Pay attention to your partner. Sex is not a one-way road. Pay special attention to the wishes and reactions of your partner, this will not only give pleasure to her, but let's take extra pleasure to realize if you are going too fast and need to slow down. Eliminate bad habits. Smoking and alcohol consumption may be one of the causes of ED, while there are studies that support a glass of red wine improves circulation, excess alcohol can have adverse results. Reduce the effects of stress. Stress can have adverse effects in some areas of health including libido, increases blood pressure, heart rate and these 2 affect sexual desire and performance. Take care of your heart. The brain sends stimuli or signals to the penis so that blood vessels expand and fill. The heart pumps blood needed, but when heart problems, the process can be stopped because the blood vessels cannot maintain the necessary pressure for a long period. Therefore, make sure your circulatory system is working at its best. If you think you're having trouble awaken your libido, we recommend the following guidelines try to improve your sex life through better nutrition. Maintain a high level of vitamin E. This vitamin is considered one of the most critical when it comes to increased sexual activity, as it is scientifically proven that vitamin E helps balance estrogen in women, and if it is not balanced it can lead to problems such as anxiety, bloating and moodiness. To combat it is to use products with vitamin E, and best of all, you can find this vitamin in such basic foods like spinach, avocado, fish and nuts. Benefit with the fruits secos. With only eat a handful of nuts a day will be enough for your libido rise to significant levels. Fruits such as peanuts, almonds and walnuts contain large reserves of L-arginine, an amino acid that helps blood circulation both male genitals and female. On many occasions we have heard mention about aphrodisiacs foods that can get intense and completely satisfactory nights, this time the fruits are no exception. Berry consumption in men increases testosterone, responsible for increasing circulation to the genitals, while women who consume berries manage to increase their fertility options. Eat foods that keep you feliz. Do you feel the mood on the floor? You do not know how leave your problems aside? Perhaps your diet is affecting your mood in general to combat sadness, anxiety and stress, we recommend eating foods high in natural fat as turkey, nuts and other fruits. If your problem is to enjoy a night with your partner, you can always try natural options like a piece of watermelon at night, and thanks to its diuretic effect will achieve swelling inflammation you can have self-conscious. Fill yourself energy. Anti Sleep eating foods with vitamin B12, among your choices are fruit salads or a bowl of fortified cereal, which not only gives you the necessary vitamins, also has large amounts of potassium, magnesium and all derivatives of vitamin B, being an excellent food to start with lots of energy. Bring a diet that covers all our needs is the key to reaching happiness, remember that you are what you eat and if your diet is good and nutritious, all aspects of your life will begin to improve. You can even try consumingtestosteron erhöhen pills to help you for the same